About Me

Hello, glad to meet you!

I am Minal Kalkute, a VFX Artist at Night School Studio in collaboration with Netflix Games and a graduate student from the University of Utah's Entertainment, Arts and Engineering Program as a VFX/ Technical Artist. I've been working on games since undergrad and progressing even further. I can indeed say that working on visual effects has enhanced the joy of making things happen. Creating beautiful environments or adding just a little extra to the characters, every aspect makes me feel like a creator of magic.

During this time, I've worked on several projects as a 3D Artist on various platforms (PC, Mobile). I've learned Asset optimization, Scripting, Illustration, and tools creation (Maya and Photoshop) and have done front-end web design during my years in school and as a professional. My current career goal is to specialize in VFX and widen my knowledge about creating stunning visual effects.

If you ask me to describe myself, I will tell myself as an independent, opinionated, and open-minded technical creative with a pinch of social weirdness tossed into my personality matrix. Far too much, I guess! My best personality trait is perseverance, and with this comes a tremendous honor for my commitments. I love to be as creative as I can, plus technically efficient too.

Besides games and art, I also like to "cave in" on my other interests, which include: Science-fiction, Graphic design, Web design, Electronic music, movies, and even Photography to a certain degree. I also enjoy reading up on conspiracy theories, mysteries, and the horror genre. That doesn't mean I haven't seen the world! Of course, I love to wander around holding google maps on my phone.